New Equipment

New Video Editing Software- Final Cut Pro X and Avid

Apple has replaced Final Cut Pro 7 (and Final Cut Express 4) with the radically different Final Cut Pro X. Pittsburgh Filmmakers has taught Final Cut Express/Pro exclusively, but will be adopting Final Cut Pro X and also offering Avid Media Composer 6. Final Cut Pro 7 will still be available on the editing suites, as long as the software will be compatible with Apple's hardware and other software.

Beginning with the 2012 Fall Semester, Pittsburgh Filmmakers will teach Final Cut Pro X in Motion Picture Fundamentals and Intro to Digital Editing. All intermediate and advanced classes (Video Production 1 or Film Production 1 and above) will use Avid Media Composer 6. As part of this upgrade, all computers will begin running OS 10.7, nicknamed "Lion."


Please watch this video about the upgrades and changes in the Filmmakers labs and Editing Suites:

Editing Digital Video at Pittsburgh Filmmakers: Upgrades and System Additions from PFPCA on Vimeo.